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Is the fully degradable straw easy to use? Too effective for environmental protection
Date:2021-06-26 11:16:27

The fully degradable straws have begun to be promoted nationwide. This straw is only made or made of some new materials. This is a degradable material, which is very helpful for environmental protection. In recent years Everyone has been paying attention to whether the use of plastic products will cause great harm to our environment. First of all, the damage caused by this kind of thing to our environment is very serious. The pollution of plastics and the harm of plastics have begun to seriously threaten The state of life of modern humans.


For example, now that rubbish is piled up into mountains, how can we completely eliminate this rubbish? In fact, there are many things that cannot be degraded, which means that plastic bags need to be about 100 years old. Time to degrade, then humans can’t wait so long. In this state, humans will only make it more and more difficult to clean up garbage. For example, garbage disposal in Hangzhou is beyond imagination, and it is expected to be filled in 30 years. The waste treatment plant has been completely leveled in less than 7 years. This is something we did not expect. So the current fully degradable straw is a breakthrough.

Someone once said that using this straw would cause the straw to rot before the drink was finished, and some even ridiculed that the straw was degraded in my mouth. In fact, these are all exaggerated ingredients, but the actual benefits are obvious. At least there are a lot of plastic products such as straws around us. If these things are less, then our health, our safety, and our environmental protection will naturally be too. Take a big step forward. The fully degradable straws are now very popular and are used in many places. They are widely used in major catering fields, and they are quite satisfactory in terms of cost. From these aspects, the use of this kind of straw is undoubtedly very ideal. Because this product is ideal, subsequent use will be more popular. Of course, there are still some places where biodegradable straws are not used, and the follow-up will gradually all Popularize.